The Power of Freelance Referrals

Have you recently just finished a project for a client that was exceptional and loved your work? Why not ask for a referral! There’s no shame in asking for them for a referral. A referral can be a powerful way to get new clients who are most likely going to seal the deal immediately if the price and service contract is right. Many freelancers who have been in business for a while can attest to the power of referrals. They receive a decent amount of work from referrals and find that clients who come into the business as referrals are more easy going and easy to work with. Learn how to get your freelance referral system in place and start getting the word out!

Offer Solid Material

Word of mouth is great, but solid marketing or sales material will really take your referral game to the next level. Think about your niche and what you can offer in terms of extras. A short eGuide, a few articles on the services you offer and the advantage to using them or something similar increases your reputation and validates your skills to future clients. It also makes referring incredibly easy for current clients versus them trying to explain your services and what each one is.

Rewards for Current Clients

Many large companies have referral programs where a referrer is given a percentage of the sale for the new client. Chances are this isn’t realistic for you as a freelancer; but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer perks. Try offering an upgrade for their next service, a few extra included graphics or a set discount off of services valued at X or more. Most of your clients will refer just to help a friend, but some know that the added benefits of referring can be powerful and worthwhile if the campaign is done correctly.

Rewards or Specials for New Clients

Want to go the extra mile and ensure those referred clients sign the contract with you over someone else? Try offering them an added perk too! Call it your new referred client special and include added extras or extend your expertise to help better their business. A free consultation, analysis or other similar item will not only give them insight on how to better their business, but it will also keep them coming back for your services and become repeat customers themselves.

Referrals are a strong way to seek extra income as a freelancer and are definitely worth building a plan around and incorporating into your current system. Use our tips above to get current clients to refer and get ready to expand!

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